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Kilkenny Arts Festival 2010

6 Mar

A print campaign that appeared in small size format in print media like the Irish Times magazine, Day & Night in the Indo and Hot Press. The theme of connecting acts with each other and with festival goers was a central one. Really good fun and a great client. Radio is here.


Click to see some print work

29 Sep

Teenage boys and smelly feet

Miller time at Amiens Street Bridge, Connolly Station

Orange juice on a DART card

Bord Bia bringing friendly Irish food expertise to the world.
(A 2nd one here.)

A postcard reminder to service your Peugeot

The Smurfit European Open on 48 Sheet

When Cork City FC played played Roy Keane’s Black Cats

Economist style for NUI Maynooth (more here)

Late night shopping at Roches Stores

More sexy ads for shoe insoles (and another one)

Brainy cows on Omega 3 milk from Dawn (and more)

A very long copy ad for Tullamore Dew

Magnet phone, broadband and TV in one (some others)

Peugeot offers a saucy retro service…

15 Dec

A series of postcards to remind Peugeot owners that it’s service time again. (With thanks to Donald McGill, who made the style famous.)




Murphy’s Stout: some pitchwork

8 Dec







Golf balls

9 Aug

Foot odour issues and teenage boys

8 Aug

NUI Maynooth press pitch (with apologies to the Economist)

7 Aug