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No, they didn’t run with it

10 Aug

I guess it would’ve been performance-enhancing.

Getabettajob Pt I

9 Aug

Up the pole – 30″ TV

Surfer riding the waves. Looking the business. Coming in, gets to his van, parked at roadside. Puts board in. Changes into overalls. Goes to ladder against nearby electrical pole. Shimmies up it and lifts ‘man’ on top down. It’s a mannequin, wearing the same overalls, and he pops him into the back of the van.

Voice: Put your creative talents to better use.

Happy St Patrick’s Coke – 30″ TV

9 Aug

A troupe of gymnastic ribbon dancers on a rostrum in front of the GPO, mid-routine. They wear full length bodysuits with hoods in pristine white. The stage is also white. Their ribbons are twenty-foot streamers in emerald green.

The music is a traditional Irish track, given the big production treatment. The whole ensemble is an explosion of vibrant energy as the dancers seem to defy gravity with their graceful movement. The streamers add immeasurably to the elegance.

The camera begins to rise and move over the dancers. As it pulls up and away, our bird’s eye view shows us what the twirling streamers look like: the classic Coca Cola logo, only in emerald green.

Super: Happy St Patrick’s Weekend from the Coke side of life.

Time for a break – Kit Kat 20″ TV

9 Aug

Dáil Report

A bald, besuited man of sixty with an epic comb-over is asleep in the Dáil and it’s being filmed for Dáil report. The Ceann Comhairle warbles in the background, sounding as if underwater.

A recess bell shatters the blah blah. Baldie jerks awake. Cut to him waddling out of door.

Have a break. Have a KitKat.

Cuisine de France baguettes – 20″ TV

8 Aug

The Miracle

Jesus is on a boat at Galilee. Thousands assemble on the shore. His face is troubled. His eyes travel heavenward, then to the bottom of the boat at his lunch, a Cuisine de France baguette.

We hear their shouts for food. Jesus holds his arms out wide. Silence descends. He begins: ‘My dear brothers and sisters…’

Suddenly he points behind them, eyes wide. He shouts ‘Holy God! What is that?’

They turn fearfully. There’s nothing there. When they turn back all they can see is Jesus, who’s out of the boat and racing across the water, baguette under his arm.

Annc’r: Cuisine de France. Wouldn’t you?

Sucker for a pun Pt II

8 Aug



Forget the lack of attention to the art direction: how OFTEN are you going to get an opportunity to actually twist one like this? Well anyway, the line wasn’t bought by client (GSK) so it was never made. Seethe.

A bit of a domestic: 20″ tv

8 Aug

A cleaning lady shining the bathroom mirror. Working her way around the sink, face expressionless.

She accidentally tips over the toothbrush holder, knocks the brushes down the loo. Without breaking stride, she retrieves the brushes, shakes them, replaces them and continues as if it never happened.

MVO: Need home help? With HHC you get a higher class of hire. Take the not out of not knowing, with the Home Help Company.